Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's been a while since I've updated! Well since my last post one big thing has happened, which is that I've finally landed myself a job at Primark! Well actually, I received the call today. It is only temporary for the Christmas period but if I am planning to take it on as a permanent job I'll discuss it later with the manager. But I'm so happy, I have to say I feel much better about where my life is going.
I'm trying to keep on top of my school work, which I think I am to the best of my ability. I completely finished my Psychology notes so I'm up to date with that subject. I just have to finish off with making notes for my other two subjects and I'll be content. Compared to last year I feel like I'm not so under the weather concerning my A-levels anymore. Although it will be hard to stay back a year, I feel like it's going to be worth it as long as I stay on top form and leave with grades I'm proud of.
Wow, although it doesn't seem like a lot, things like this are what keep my content. I have been having problems with other things, which really don't/shouldn't concern me but I guess I can't escape my own feelings.

I hope everyone is well! I'm sorry I'm not the type of bloggers that post daily, they lead interesting lives, where as mine...not so much ahah.
I've been recently lusting over Ed Sheeran's voice, it's so beautiful. These are the 3 most played songs of his according to my Itunes playlist:

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  1. My best friends uncle is Ed Sheerans manager/song co writer, so she sees Ed Sheeran like once a jel of her!!!



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