Sunday, 2 October 2011

  • I find myself feeling so tired and exhausted from everything that is going on in my life. 
  • I've started my first year of sixth form again with two new subjects, whilst carrying on with my Psychology A-level. I have got to say, I really am feeling the stress of these subjects compared to last year. Maybe I just didn't bother with them at the start of last year which is why now I truly know what it is to feel like I should. When I'm not busy writing up notes or typing away at my endless amounts of essay work, I'm reading books upon books.
  • This makes me so happy as I felt I swayed from the book worm I used to be when I was around the age of 14/15, and have found it again 2 years on. I'm finding time for myself, and I'm ever so appreciative of books now I know how they make me feel. 
  • I'm starting my driving lessons as well as I'm envying everyone that has already passed their driving test. 
  • I'm back on my tablets to treat my under active thyroid glands and anemia, and I don't feel as ill anymore.

My life is kind of at a standstill, as nothing is happening to blog about. I'll get back to all my lovely followers when there is.
Thanks for sticking around x

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