Saturday, 30 July 2011

All over the place.

Finally I have time to make a picture post consisting entirely of my own pictures, and I actually have something to blog about. The last two weeks have been so exhausting and I have realised how much I take days like this for granted, where I can just wrap myself up in a blanket, grab myself a cup of tea and shift through the blog posts I have built up that I have yet to read, and I really am enjoying them! Last week I was up in Scotland for 5 days to spend some time doing fieldwork for my Biology coursework. It was so relaxing yet tiring, and I enjoyed spending time away in the middle of nowhere basically. Then two days after I cam back, I was off again to the big big city of London with family. Lets just say that I have never experianced my feet aching as much as I did whilst I was there, I am completely clueless as to how people manage to rush past living such a busy lifestyle. But I am happy that I am sat here in the comfort of my own home now, where nothing really happens.

Starting this coming monday I will have a little over a month still school starts, which I'm hoping will come quickly as I am finding it hard to keep myself busy. Although starting August the month of Ramadan will also start, which means I'll be fasting in the day, and I'm planning to make a diet plan beforehand so I'm sure of which are the right food to eat that are going to top me up with as much energy throughout the day.

I ramble on too much, so here are some pictures from Londonnnnn!
Dress made entirely of recycled newspapers.

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  1. london is awesome! my most favorite place is Camden, such an awesome vibe x


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