Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Proposal

So I ended up watching this little beauty of a film, whilst I was in the midst of procrastinating and avoiding my English essay at all cost. I've never seen a movie with Sandra Bullock or Ryan Reynolds in, but I've fallen in love with them both. They both have such great chemistry on set, I'd make my day if they really were together off-set. I found myself either in awe, tears or laughter throughout the whole film, and I must say I have never wanted a film to last longer than I did with this, even though it was just under 2 hours long! I would definitely recommend adding this to your list of films to watch, I feel like I could watch it over and over and over and still not get bored of it.



  1. they do have great chemistry on this one! I saw an interview of them and they were saying that they have always been really close personal friends, and i guess that makes watching the movie more enjoyable for me in a way..

  2. I love the proposal!
    It's one of my favorite films
    Your blog is lovely :)
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  3. Love this story



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