Friday, 14 January 2011

School has been eating away at my life for the last week, as I had my first ever A-level exams. I'm just hoping for the best.
And this is a short roundup of videos I just came around to watching today, I hope you like them!

I've loved Boyce Avenue's cover of songs, as they work so well together as a group and make the song into something that is their own. I had never heard of this song before I listened to this cover first. After I ended up listening to the original too, I must say they have done it so much justice. I can feel it working it's way up to the list of feel-good songs I love.

This is far too adorable, the little girl is so precious!
Credit - Learn Something New Everyday.
This isn't a video, but it's interesting all the same. I worked this out ages ago on another site, and I spent a good hour browsing facebook in amazement when I had it in Pirate language. It kept me amused for quiet a while tbh until I was completely lost and I had to revert it back to Old ye English. ):

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