Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Just a little list of films I need to get around to watching, trying my best to fit it inbetween the times I should be working.

Eat, Love, Pray. 
James Franco is featured in this film, always a winner in my book.

Blue Valentine. 
 And Ryan Gosling, another winner too. I actually love how this trailer is unique as in how little clips are shown whilst Ryan is singing so weirdly, Ha.

Annnndddd finally Leonardo Dicaprio. Always has been a winner in everyone's book, admit it.

Oh, and just a few days ago I got around to watching The Social Network. I have got to say that it is a lovely film. I'm not just saying that because it features Andrew Garfield and his hair that always freakishly full of volume either. Hehe.

Back to my writing up an English Literature essay I go. x

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