Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Wellwellwellllll, Let's see see see.
I have three lots of exams to prepare for in January, which means I have less than four weeks to revise/study my pants off to get the grades I want. Everyday is becoming a bigger realisation of how important and precious these exams are for my future so I'm trying my up most best to study and understand all of the key topics in each subject. It's not helping that as soon as I come home from school I realise how much work I have to study, which gets me in a bad mood as I'm at my tiredest (is that a word?) when I come in, and another three hours of work does seem a lot from a exhausted persons perspective. I guess the two coming weeks of holiday will help me greatly as I'll consider them 'study leave', as I don't celebrate Christmas either. I am kind of worried and I know I'll look back one day weeks after finishing my exams and I'll cringe at this post. It's nice that they're one after the other as I can get them over and done with in one day instead of them being spread out over a long period of time, causing me to stress in the time between the exams.
The main reason I made this blog post was to express how busy I have been, and how busy I'll be in the coming weeks until the exams are over. I will probably make a couple of inspiration blog post when ever I can, but please don't think I'm dead or anything if I haven't attended to my blog for a while. Just keep in mind I'm probably cramming my little mind with information on cells, eyewitness testimonies or the relative mass of a electron (which by the way is 1/1840, I'm guessing the revision I've done has paid off, haha).

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