Saturday, 13 November 2010

hi! thought a update on my life would be a worthwhile investment over here, although my life is never interesting to blog about.
well i've been spending the weeks going to school, which is a big pain in the bum-bum, coming home and spending the rest of the day either revising my schoolwork or watching jersey shore/the scary movie series. i've finished the whole first season of jersey shore in a week and two days, can you believe it?!
aside from that, my life is going at an alarming pace. recently i realised that i need to knuckle down and start revising for my january exams. i have three exams (psychology, chemistry and biology) that i know will be hard considering i don't understand a lot of things in chemistry. the more time i put in on the weeks before the exam, the easier it will be and i'll be satisfied that i've put in a lot more work compared to last year. oh, how eventful my life will be.

i'm trying to build up this blog as much as possible, both with things that inspire me and also post about my life. i'd like it to be different to my tumblr. i find that my other blog is more about pictures i like, or the occasional funny post. i don't find my tumblr to be suitable for post like this. i'm sure that anybody that has a blog over there will agree with me, blogspot is a lot more different although both are lovely sites to share my life on.

well to finish this off here is a polyvore set i've made, i love the site. i pretty much drool over everything i see on there, haha.


i love this cute little set, i'll always be a dress kind of girl. i don't mind which colour it's in, as long as its a dress i'll give anything to be the one in it.

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