Wednesday, 13 October 2010


at the start of sixth form, i was given a book to read as part of my english literature work. i was given 'digging to america' to read as soon as possible as i had come into sixth form two weeks late and had a lot to catch up on. 
as much as i hate the work load sixth form has brought me i'm not going to deny some of the benefits to these certain tasks. since the summer of year 9 i had completely lost my interest in books, as in the ones i would read when by myself just out of interest and as a way to relax. but now i've been given books as part of my work, which means i can sit and read through books not just as school work, but for enjoyment as well. i like reading far too much for so many reasons. for example i love that with reading whilst you're reading the text you use your imagination and make up your own image in your head using the way the writer describes the scenes and such. it's better than watching a film or a program that leaves no space to think up. 

only last week i finished reading 'digging to america'. i loved it, and the way it went through all the characters by chapter and told their part. it was lovely.
 i've been given another book to read called 'birdsongs'. it sounds beautiful, so i'm pretty damn excited to read it.
god, i love reading. i'll always be a book worm at heart.

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