Tuesday, 13 April 2010

new blogblogblog.

hello, hey, hiiii. thank you for taking the time to stumble upon this blog and read what it says, as boring as it looks. i've made this blog out of boredom, and i probably will lose interest in this fairly quickly but lets so how it goes. this blog is going to be just about my life, what makes me happy, and general inspiration. i change my style of writing and blogging alot, so im sorry it changes half way through. i do have a blog over at tumblr, which consist of pretty photographs that i find inspiring, and general crap that i find funny with the odd post about my life thrown in. i want to portray this side of me as well. the side where im not just posting photos seemingly with words every 30 posts in.

i'll give a little description of myself first, and then see where the rest of this blogging journey leads me to. im sana, currently at the weird yet wonderful age of sixteen and i live in doncaster, which is in england. to be honest, i really don't like this place and i'll probably rant and express my negative view of it alot. hopefully i'll see the better side of it, but right now there is no chance. i want to live in new york city, for so many reasons. the way that it is portrayed in films, books, pictures etc is lovely, and the image i have of it in my head is beautiful. i feel i belong there more than anywhere else in the world. i love photography, and i get inspired by it easily, but the only thing that is bringing me down is the fact i don't have a proper camera. the photographs that i take have been took with a camera phone. i have promised myself as soon as i get enough money, i will put it into getting a dslr. i have no idea when this time comes, but i'll settle with the resources i have right now. 

i fall for people easily, i laugh way too much, i find it hard expressing my love. i am so grateful of everything i have right now. 
this is who i am, and for some reason i don't mind it at all. i hope you don't too. enjoy my blog.

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